Synthetic Urine - An intro

It seems that if companies and laboratories want to spend enough money, they can detect just about anything, but it seems that in practice, they just don't go to these extreme lengths to try to detect whether the sample is real urine or synthetic urine. check my blog

So, which is the best synthetic urine?

A lot of brands claim to be, and we test and review a bunch of them here. We will also do something you might not find elsewhere...we will provide you with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some we recommend, and some we don't; and its not just the formula itself that is important to test and pay attention to. Other components in each synthetic urine kit are very important as well. The heat pad needs to get hot enough and stay hot enough to keep the formula at he right temperature until you need it. The temperature strip needs to be accurate. Some kits ask you to attach the heat pad to the bottle with a rubber band, while other synthetic urine kits include a much better heat pad that has an adhesive side. This provides a much better heat transfer and also doesn't have the possibility of falling off. Our synthetic urine reviews include great feedback from store owners, who always have their ear to the ground about what works and what doesn't.

The proper amounts of creatinine are very important, as well as the proper specific gravity. The pH levels need to stay within the correct window.

Other components that make a difference are the belt, if it is a belt kit. How well is it constructed?...does the bladder have any chance of leaking?...How comfortably does it fit?

We also look at the instructions that the manufacturers include either on the packaging or inside. Are they complete enough? Do the manufacturers have videos on either their website or on Youtube?

Where to buy synthetic urine? In addition to reviewing many synthetic urine kits, we show you where to buy synthetic urine. We have setup a secure shopping cart on this review site, and have chosen to sell the synthetic urine kits that our reviewers have endorsed.